You wfh all day long, probably hunched over a laptop at a makeshift desk, then you move to the sofa and watch TV, before finally getting into bed and doomscrolling on your phone. We’re all for keeping yourself busy and entertained any way you can during lockdown but if you do want to take a break from the screen, here’s how to do it…

Whip out the knitting needles

Move over grandma because knitting is the new rock ‘n’ roll. And Wool & The Gang are like The Beatles of knitting. They have tons of options for knitting newbies, like this Can You Feel It cushion kit with super cosy yarn, as well as kits for the more advanced, so there isn’t a better time to whip out those needles.

Lace up those trainers

It’s super obvious but getting out in the fresh air is an easy and effective way to get away from all the screens, and you are still allowed to meet up with one other person from outside your household for exercise. If you’re not ready to work up a sweat, here are some great London walks, from strolling along the river to admiring some public artwork to exploring ancient woodlands. If you took up running way back in lockdown 1.0 then here are four routes to help you rack up the miles.

Crack open a book

You know that pile of unread books you’ve got on your shelves? Or the list of reading recs you’ve noted down in your phone but have yet to start crossing off? Now’s the perfect time to crack open a book and once you start you might actually find it hard to stop, in a good way. These are the ones we’re currently reading if you need some more inspo.

Draw your pets

If you want to flex your creative muscles and spend some time away from the screen – after you’ve watched the session of course – then why not have a go at some drawing? Illustrator and founder of Wild Life Drawing Jennie Webber normally hosts classes where you can draw animals like owls, wolves and piglets. As we can’t go to her classes, she’s coming to us via IGTV with a tutorial on how to draw our pets. All you need to get involved is paper, something to draw with (pencil, pen, charcoal or whatever you like), and a pet (or a photo of one).

Hop on a bike

Remember that bike you bought over the summer when you needed a way to get around town without using public transport? It’s time to dust it off again (or hop on a Santander rental) and go for ride on one of these routes – it’s exercise so it’s allowed and it lets you see the capital in a whole new way.

Build a synthesiser

Switch off the screen and turn up the volume up by building your own synthesiser. Just put a kitchen pan on your head and you’re basically in Daft Punk. There’s no soldering required so just follow the instructions to create your musical instrument and before you know it, you’ll be live streaming your set to millions. Or at least one other person, probably your mum.

Schedule a self-care sesh

After all this neggy news, taking time to chill and unwind is a top priority right now. Maybe you need to pamper yourself, perhaps you wanna feel fancy for those virtual cocktail parties or you just need a good night’s sleep. Our best beauty buys will help you ditch the tech for an evening of TLC when it’s all getting a bit much.

Do something crafty with concrete

This chic concrete kit will keep you busy and give your interiors that edgy industrial vibe. It’s a win win. So switch off your screen and get your hands dirty. Try moulding tea light holders to brighten up your space or have a crack at the concrete planter to give your succulent a new home. And there’s enough concrete mix for two, so you can share the fun and don’t have to get dirty alone.

Get stuck into screen printing

Pretend you’re Andy Warhol and do your own screen prints with this home printing kit from Print Club London. With resuable templates and water-based inks, you can start printing your designs on t-shirts, bags, tea towels and whatever you like. You’ll have your very own merch line in no time.

Create your own lino cut print

Ever wanted to get inky with lino printing? Of course you have. And this kit from The Print Collective is the perfect starting point, featuring all the essentials to create some proper art – it even includes test pieces of lino for those with commitment issues. So go with the flow and create whatever you fancy or watch the video tutorials for a Picasso inspired piece.