Starting your beauty brand is an exciting chapter as an entrepreneur. You’re most likely hands-on throughout the whole process––from getting the right formula to manufacturing and packaging your products. And now that you’ve successfully made it, you’re on for the next phase of being a business owner—getting your brand noticed and ensuring it ends up in the right stores and retailers. You need to learn how to pitch your beauty products effectively to do just that. 

If your target market is a highly sophisticated area, like London, the challenge lies in making your brand stand out from the rest. The competition can prove to be stiff because the city is brimming with countless enterprises, particularly in the beauty industry. 

Marketing and offering your products to retailers can be a tricky endeavor, but the rewards will be greater than your hard work. Think wholesale or bulk orders, brand visibility on big stores and sought-after shelves, wider client reach, all of which and more can be the result of your serious and efficient pitching. 

Here’s how to pitch your beauty products to London retailers:

Prepare your sales presentation

Whether you’re a sales rep or an owner yourself, there are several preparations you need to make before meeting with potential retailers. Beforehand, you should already be aware of what the client needs or might look for. To make sure you’re professionally and efficiently prepared, you can take advantage of a sales deck template that’ll make your presentation more engaging and compelling. (1)

Ideally, there’s a problem that your products aim to solve, which will ultimately encourage the client to push through with the deal. Is there any pain point that your products might be able to address or solve for the audience? What makes your brand different from other beauty companies in London? 

Your presentation slides could include your company’s turnaround time for orders, payment terms, and mode of shipping or delivery. Take the time to do your research and understand the workflow, mission, vision, and product listings of the brand.  

Know where to find the right retailers

First, list down all beauty retailers that you can find. When you already have a list, the next step is to schedule a meeting or appointment with them to discuss your beauty products. (2)

You can also send retailers samples and catalogs of your goods. When doing so, consider putting extra thought and effort into your packaging. Adding a personal touch can go a long way in making an excellent first impression. Once you’ve sent the package, be sure to follow up via call or email to determine what they think about the items you sent. (2)

Additionally, here are other ways you can try to find beauty retailers in London: 

  • Use social media: You can search buyers and retailers using hashtags or geotagging on social media. You can also join online communities and groups with the said niche or area of interest. (3)
  • Participate in trade shows: Beauty enthusiasts attend such events to make sure they stay in the loop on the latest products in the market. You won’t only gain an opportunity to meet London retailers, but attending trade shows is also an excellent way to get the word out about your brand. (1)

Craft a unique selling proposition 

When crafting a unique selling proposition to potential London retailers, a powerful brand message can make all the difference. You have to assure them you’re not just any other knockoff or spinoff of existing beauty companies. The message should be clear, concise, and attention-grabbing to pique their interest.  (4)

Retailers need to see what you can offer and how your products differ from any other beauty commodities in the market. Your pitch should be as simple and short as possible but with a compelling voice that’ll influence retailers to consider your proposition. In short, it could mean leaving a little room for anticipation and mystery so they would still have something to look forward to. (4)

You can make use of storytelling techniques to help your audience connect or relate to your pitch. Creating or using a fictional character is also an effective strategy so retailers can have a relatable starting point while listening to your presentation. You may ask questions to start a conversation or let your audience ask questions to create a more personalized experience.

A convincing sales pitch can make all the difference if you want to penetrate the retail industry. If you believe your beauty products have the potential to make it big, it’s about time you think about approaching retailers in London so you can grow your brand and offer your products to a wider audience. The tips above should be able to help you craft a unique and compelling pitch that’ll land you a good deal.


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