How to Master Vinyl

Gone are the days of collecting CDs and DVDs. Why do that when you’ve got access to just about every single song, album, movie and TV show on your phone? Vinyl on the other hand, well that is special. It’s a medium that’s survived and getting stronger. Besides the sound, that warm crackle when the needle drops or the artwork that spreads across the cover, a vinyl collection can say a lot about a person.

We often wonder what it would be like to be a vinyl master, to beautifully sync tracks in and out of each other seamlessly, bringing awe to all those present, bowing down in sheer wonderment and and…back in the room.

Sony has released the new BLUETOOTH® PS-LX310BT Turntable and because vinyl can seem a little intimidating to newbies, they have worked with London-based record store Rye Wax and former Ministry of Sound DJ and vinyl expert, D.A.V.E to reveal top tips for getting started with vinyl. With over 26 years of experience, you can take advantage of these tricks to get started spinning the wheels of steel. Here are D.A.V.E’s top tips…

It starts with the vinyl…

If you want your turntable to produce good quality sound, you need to make sure your records are well looked after. When removing, loading and putting the vinyl back in its sleeve, always use the edge and/or label of the record. Avoid touching the playable area, as the oils from your fingers can collect dust, this can then go into the grooves and eventually give you ‘noise’ during playback.

Control static noise  

Static is the noise you hear when placing the needle down on your record, however removing it will greatly improve the sound quality. There are different ways to remove static, you can buy products that omit ions or you can wet clean the needle. If you’re new to vinyl and nervous about handling the needle, the PS-LX310BT Turntable is a great choice, as you simply hit play and the needle will automatically lower, delivering rich and clear sound.

Do your due diligence when purchasing records

Be careful of the condition of not only the record but the sleeve/artwork as well. Double check everything e.g. serial numbers etc. When buying classics decide whether or not you go for an original or repressed version. The repressed version will probably be in better condition, but if you do want to buy the original, listen to it first. You don’t want to buy a scratched record, no matter how iconic it is.

Try wireless

One of the things many music fans enjoy is the comfort of immersing themselves in their tunes with a pair of headphones, which is something you can do with the new Sony Turntable. Its Bluetooth® capabilities mean you can listen to your favourite songs wirelessly which is especially handy if you live in shared accommodation or flats, as you can experience warm vinyl sound without waking the neighbours up!

Curate your own collection

The beauty of vinyl is that each record tells a different story and the artwork is often as valuable as the record inside. There are many ways to start a collection, I personally like to follow record labels. They will often have a good back catalogue to check out, new releases and maybe even limited editions.

The Sony PS-LX310BT record player retails at £239.