Even if you have the best of intentions, cutting out single-use plastic of your life can be easier said than done as the stuff is everywhere. We’re kicking off Plastic Free July and giving you a place to start with eight top tips from Beth Noy, founder of Plastic Freedom. She’s shared some easy swaps you can make in your kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and more to help you on the way to living a plastic free life.

Recycled fashion

When looking for your summer staycation outfits and essentials look for brands that are using recycled materials or post/pre-consumer waste to create their products. This puts materials back into circulation that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Refillable cleaners

Refill your household cleaning bottles with concentrated cleaning solutions that you just top up with water. There are loads now available in either soluble sachets, which take up minimal space in your house, or mini glass bottle refills.

Green loo roll

Switch out your plastic wrapped toilet rolls for plastic free boxes of recycled loo roll from Who Gives A Crap, Naked Sprout or Greencane! If you’re feeling brave enough you can even go for washable/reusable toilet roll and reduce even more waste whilst saving a lot of money over the years!

Reusable makeup removers

Ditch the disposable makeup remover wipes and invest in reusable makeup rounds instead, which are not only kinder to your skin and the environment but will save you a lot of money over time! 

Plastic free beauty

Look for natural and plastic free beauty products that are kind to your skin. A good place to start is by looking at the ingredients or products you currently use and then researching what goes into them. When you start to understand what you’re putting on your skin and decide what chemicals/ingredients are a no-go for yourself, then apply the same to the environment as everything you use gets washed down the drains when you shower/wash. 

Wax food wraps

With everyone cooking so much more at home, there will be plenty more leftovers and typically more of a requirement for clingfilm. Wax wraps (candelilla wax wraps are now an option too if you’re vegan) are a great alternative that can be reused multiple times and keeps ingredients incredibly fresh.

Veg box deliveries

Explore a range of veg box delivery options in your area as an alternative to shopping at the supermarkets. There are so many companies and local farm shops that are now offering home delivery so you can get all your veggies plastic free! Just make sure you leave a note when ordering that you would like everything plastic free.

Make your own fizzy drinks

Fizzy water/drink lovers can invest in a SodaStream that will save so many plastic bottles and money over time. You can also add flavour or even alcohol for some at-home cocktail making experiments!