Bridal bouquet, table decoration, and arch: flowers are an important part of any wedding. They add the finishing touch to the celebration and create a unique atmosphere.

What floral decorations are necessary for a wedding? And what costs should future brides and grooms expect? If you are looking for answers we will give you some.

When should bridal couples hire a florist?

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In general, flowers should not be last on the to-do list when planning a wedding but should be tackled along with the decor. Wedding florists with a lot of experience can give helpful tips on the location, provide new inspiration and thus help shape the overall atmosphere of a wedding.

When is the right time to choose a florist? The earlier – the better. On average, you should find one in six months to three quarters of a year in advance. Especially if you’re planning a big wedding and want unusual flowers. For example, during the winter it is very hard to find peonies for sale in London.

Advantages of professional assistance from wedding florists:

  • Individual consultation;
  • From the wedding ceremony to the celebration, all flowers are coordinated and coherent with each other colors and style;
  • Next to the wedding dress and the wedding rings, the bridal bouquet is the most essential and most beautiful accessory of a bride;
  • As special as it is, the prices are different. Every bride has a different taste and ideas. All the more important is the support of a professional here.

In times of Pinterest and Instagram, there are umpteen inspirations, but which color, shape, and style really suits you, is not so easy to decide. Therefore, a consultation about colors, flower variety, and country of origin of the flower is very important. This also determines the price in the end.

The florists take over the work of decorating and you as a bride and groom can be sure that the location, bouquet, and flower arrangements during the wedding ceremony are exactly as you want them. You can save yourself a lot of stressful preparation days

The cost of flowers

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Currently, the average price range is between $1,000 and $1,500. This usually includes table decorations, bridal bouquets, and decorations for the wedding ceremony, including delivery and set-up. However, depending on the location and desired style, the cost of floral decoration can be individual. Depending on preference, size of the location, and the number of tables, florists create an individual offer.

Costs can also differ in the direct selection of flowers. The price is then determined by the desired style of the bride and groom. But not only taste plays a decisive role. It is always advisable to go by the current season. Thinks of fruits: if you want strawberries at Christmas, they are usually very expensive and taste like nothing, the same principle can be used for flowers.

When choosing the bridal bouquet for the wedding, it is immediately noticeable that the cost is higher than a normal bouquet. Why is that? Because of the more expensive materials (it is a special day after all) and often more volume.

The cost of a bridal bouquet is essentially made up of two components: labor time and cost of materials. In addition, the florist might use different techniques when creating such a bouquet. The boho bouquet, for example, requires a lot of attention in trying to get the proportions right. Other styles require additional support or padding for durability. One thing all bridal bouquets have in common, however, is that they require more time investment than a regular bouquet.

On average, a wild bridal bouquet for the church wedding ceremony will cost about $150. For the groom’s pin florists likes to pick up the main flower from the bride’s bouquet and create a mini bouquet that matches the look of the groom’s outfit and the bride.

The bridal bouquet reflects the personality of the bride and the uniqueness of the wedding dress. As a result, the bouquet is always an individual selection of noble flowers, the appropriate shape, and the amount appropriate to the occasion. This way, each bridal bouquet creates incomparable memories of one of the most beautiful days in life.

Savings potential

The budget is a part of every wedding planning. Of course, even with professional florists savings potential is possible. Discuss your budget openly with your florist, so they, as your service providers know about it and can get the best out of it for you.

Flower selection is a critical factor in pricing. Some flowers are cheaper than others, depending on the season and the region you are getting married in. Ask your florist for advice and maybe don’t insist on expensive flowers if you have a smaller budget.

When choosing the right florist for your wedding, it’s not only important to like their style, but also to check the logistical requirements. The closer the florist is to the wedding venue the better.