Even though we live in the big city with millions of other people, it’s still easy to feel lonely. The House of Togetherness, now open in Covent Garden until the end of summer, is one place trying to change all that with workshops, classes and events designed to explore intimacy and human contact, some more unusual and risque than others.

At HoT you can take part in the likes of Rage Club, Mass Spooning Circles, Self-Love Clinics, How Not To F**k Up Your Kids classes, Blindfolded Adventure Time, Genitalia Cupcake Design and more. The House is totally inclusive and open to anyone aged over 18, so if you’re up for challenging taboos and making new connections (or you just want a cuddle), this is the place to come.

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Until end of summer 2019
14-16 Betterton St, London, WC2H 9BU