Eco Warriors, the individuals helping us to help the planet whether that’s by ditching plastic or using wasted food to make tasty drinks and snacks. We think these guys below are doing great things and we hope you enjoy reading their stories.

Chloë Stewart

Nibs Etc

nibs etc. is about making delicious snacks from ingredients that would normally be thrown away, to fight food waste, and enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint. nibs etc. was launched as a food and photography blog in 2015, about upcycling leftovers and no waste recipes. Chloe then landed upon a brilliant food waste product – juice pulp – that she began to collect from juice bars to make into granola. From there business has blossomed, winning at the WeWork Creators Awards (twice), setting up at Borough Market where she now sells crackers, brownies and loaf cakes alongside the granola, and being stocked in a number of independent sustainable stores.

Tom Fletcher


Tom Fletcher turns fruit and veg destined for the bin into juices with his company Rejuce. He set up his production kitchen in Hackney Wick after researching for his dissertation on food waste and discovering that there was a huge edible food waste site just by the Olympic Stadium and deciding that he had to do something about it. Rejuce turns odd, ugly and wonky produce into cold-pressed juices, and as well as encouraging the farms and packaging plants they work with to reduce their waste, Rejuce has saved over 300 tonnes of fruit and veg from landfill.

Anshu Ahuja & Renee Williams


Plastic packaging from takeaway is one of the worst offenders for waste, and with our appetite for Deliveroo and Uber Eats, the problem is only going to get worse. Reusable packaging is the way forward and that’s what DabbaDrop, which specialises in curries delivered in metal tiffin boxes, is all about – it’s curry with a conscience. Sign up for either weekly or fortnightly deliveries and you will be sent a regularly changing selection of veg curries, dal, rice and salad all made with fresh, quality ingredients. With your first delivery you’ll also get a reusable tiffin box for an extra £15 charge – each time you get a new delivery you just give back your old (clean!) tiffin box and keep swapping it out. So far DabbaDrop has saved over 200,000 plastic containers from being used and has avoided 2500kg of food waste.

Lauren Harvey

Albany Mae London

Once you start thinking about plastic waste, you realise it’s everywhere, and hard to avoid. An integral part of products that we take for granted every day, you really have to work hard to eliminate it from your life. One product people might be unwilling to think about changing is the tampon but Albany Mae now have a sustainable swap for that too. Albany Mae make completely plastic-free tampons from organic cotton that are completely biodegradable. If every woman made this simple switch it would save thousands of tons of plastic waste each year so it’s well worth checking out.

Sophie Tait

Trash Plastic

Although we have highlighted some of favourite sustainable Londoners on our LOTI Heroes list and in our articles on sustainable swaps, there’s far more out there than we can cover. So we really recommend having a look at the site Trash Plastic if you are serious about reducing your reliance on plastic. Run by Londoner Sophie Tait, it’s an incredible resource of sustainable swaps for the whole house, with everything from plastic-free dental care to pet food and kitchen goods. If you’re serious about going plastic-free this site will come as a huge help.

Jenny Costa

Rubies in the Rubble

Rubies in the Rubble make amazing condiments – all out of fruit and veg that is wonky or would have been discarded for some reason. Jenny had the idea after reading an Evening Standard article about bin divers and getting hooked on the topic of food waste. One early morning trip to New Covent Garden Market later and Rubies in the Rubble was born. The nature of fresh produce and the unpredictability of supply & demand means that a lot of perfectly good fruit & veg gets wasted, so being onsite, wooden spoons at the ready, to turn it into chutneys and preserves that day was a great set-up. Nowadays the company has grown beyond these humble beginnings but still has that same principle at heart, although on a much bigger scale. The range now includes everything from the famous banana ketchup so spicy tomato relish and chutneys.

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