help fight food waste with karma

We could all do with a bit more Karma in our lives and when it comes to tackling food waste, a new app is here to help. Yes, it’s called Karma and was founded in Sweden back in 2016, and now it has just launched in London with a mission to help us reduce food waste. It’s actually a bit of a win-win situation all round. Londoners can pick up high-quality surplus food from restaurants and cafes at a big 50% discount, meaning that we get a nice deal, restaurants get some money back for food they wouldn’t have otherwise sold, and both parties help to reduce the 10 million tonnes of food that is wasted in the UK every year.

It’s all done within the app and sounds super easy; you see what’s available, place the order, pay for it and then pick it up at a specific time. In London they have already got 50 partners signed up, including Essence Cuisine in Shoreditch, Aquavit, Magpie, and Calcutta Street. It’s a great initiative and here’s hoping it can take off in London the same way it has in Sweden.