Getting fitter is never an easy task; whether it’s going running, joining a gym or revamping your diet, it takes up a lot of time, which most Londoners don’t have going spare, especially in the mornings. We all know a proper brekkie is important but we also know that sleeping is great, hangovers are brutal, the tube is mental and our inboxes don’t clear themselves, so we don’t always do it right.

FUEL10K is the answer. Not only is the whole range packed with protein and fibre, so it’s good for you, but they’ve got breakfast drinks and fruity Quark pouches as well as granola, porridge and cereal for the times you need to get your nutrients on the go. It’ll also sort you right out pre- or post-workout, whatever time of day that happens to be…we’ve all done cereal for dinner before and we’ll do it again. No matter what your goal, losing weight or bulking up, your diet is 50% of the effort. Fuel yourself properly…you can thank us later.

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