A late addition to the “at home” DIY kit delivery game but one well worth waiting for! Hawksmoor at Home launches Monday 29th June and as predicted they have gone to town on the box. Inside you’ll find the Hawksmoor Cookbook, 35-day dry-aged Porterhouse steak, bone marrow and Madeira jus to make a tasty AF gravy, Koffman potatoes, beef dripping, and broccoli.

They’ve got you covered for booze too, with a juicy  Hawksmoor blend Pulenta Malbec, their Ultimate Dry Martini and a couple of cans of Hawksmoor lager too. Sounds like a bloody good night, right? Well, the good news is they are for sale today on the website – the bad news is there are only 500 boxes per week available for the next 6 weeks so if you miss out this week, you best set your alarm next Monday because the steaks are high….

And if you don’t know, Hawksmoor knock out one of the best Sunday roasts in London, so if you are big on a roast, you got to go.