After causing a stir across the pond before arriving on our shores last year, hard seltzers are more popular than ever. Essentially cans of boozy flavoured sparkling water, seltzers are a refreshing alternative to the usual tinned suspects because they’re lighter and lower in both sugar and alcohol. These are the cans we’ll be cracking open…


Come rain or shine, these all-natural Berczy hard seltzers will brighten things up. Choose from fruity flavours including lemon and lime; peach and raspberry; and passionfruit and turmeric. And you can feel good whilst cracking open a can because Berczy is 100% carbon neutral and donates 1% of sales to UKHarvest



Whisp are vegan and gluten-free seltzers, with no additives and made entirely from sustainably sourced ingredients. They’re practically good for you. Flavours include cucumber & mint and raspberry & elderflower so you’ll be suitably refreshed when the summer heatwave hits (hopefully). 


Long Shot

Long Shot hard seltzers are made in Herefordshire and they make a real effort to use local ingredients in their cans. There are three flavours – strawberry & rhubarb, grapefruit, and raspberry & blackcurrant – and they’re all made with natural fruit juice, under 70 cals, vegan and gluten-free. You can drink these straight up but they make great mixers if you fancy turning your park picnic into a cocktail making sesh.



Hard seltzer is basically boozy sparkling water, making it lower in calories, sugar and alcohol than other mixed drinks. At 44 cals a can and 3.5% ABV, Lilo is even lighter than most other hard seltzers but it’s still big on flavour with white grape & elderflower and cranberry & rosehip varieties.


Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay is the largest independently owned UK hard seltzer brand and they’re only getting bigger – literally, they’ve increased the size of their cans to 330ml. They come in elderflower with lemon & mint, cherry with mango & goji berry and apple with ginger & acai berry flavours, all of which are 4% ABV. 1% of Bodega Bay sales are donated to the Thirst Project, so there’s even more reason to pick up a can.


East London Liquor Co.

The East London Liquor Co. have been doing an excellent line of cocktails in cans so it makes sense that they’ve got into the seltzer game. They use British wheat vodka as the base and have flavoured it with natural fruit extracts including juicy pomegranate and zingy lemon & lime. They come in packs of 12 so you can keep your fridge well stocked for summer.