One chain restaurant closes down and another moves into its place – that’s Piccadilly Circus for you. TGI Fridays, the one you probably went to when you were allowed into town on your own as a kid, has been replaced by Bulgarian chain Happy. If you are actually sad about TGI leaving, we wouldn’t worry too much as it sounds like the food isn’t going to be a million miles away from its predecessor.

We’re talking chicken, steaks, salads and burgers, including the Happy Broken Burger, which is a deconstructed burger that’s easier to share. Yep that’s a totally new one on us too. You can pair all of that with cocktails courtesy of the mixologists and wine and beers from around the world. We’ve got no issue with chains (well good ones anyway) but this one is screaming tourist trap to us.

 25 -29 Coventry Street, Piccadilly, London W1D 7AG