When you think of moving, the image of loading a truck might leap into your mind. Not all moves are so large, however. Even so, they still require effective planning and organisation: moving is hardly ever as straightforward as you’d like it to be. Below is a look at the different types of small moves, plus some advice on different options when it comes to tackling them.

Different types of move

Small moves come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Dorm room move: A dorm move while at university often doesn’t require a major amount of transport. Normally, your room will already have furniture and you just need to bring a few things.
  • Studio or one-bedroom apartment move: Professionals consider moving to a studio or one-bedroom apartment a small move that will involve the use of a van. People tend to buy their furniture later in these moves and arrange for the retailer to deliver it to them.
  • A move within the same neighbourhood: Not everyone moves far. Some people like to stay in the same neighbourhood. These moves take longer than expected, often because the owners conduct the move in stages and transport items a little at a time.
  • Moves involving single but specialty items: These moves entail transporting items that are more difficult to shift because they’re large, heavy, cumbersome or all three.

Small move options

Since the move is a small-scale one, you have a number of options open to you:

Use a car and do a DIY move

If you don’t have lots of belongings, you may be able to pop them into a car and just transport them this way. You can also move in your own time. Although this may save you money at first glance, if you have to make several trips the fuel costs could mount up.

Hire a removal expert that specialises in small moves

Removal experts know that all moves are different, so why not find an expert who can help you with your small move? As well as their expertise in conducting small moves, whether you’re moving to a studio or shifting a piano, they’ll have local knowledge of the area and can advise you on any preparations you’ll need to make to enable the move to run more smoothly.

Rent a van and take care of the move yourself

This is possible with small moves, such as dorm moves and one-bedroom apartment or studio moves. Note, however, that if you hire a professional instead, you benefit from the fact the professional will have insurance cover, whereas if you carry out your own move, you’ll have to cover the full cost of any damage or loss of items during the move.

Ship items

If you’re moving a long distance, you may find it easier to pack all your furniture and items and send them to your new destination. 

What to consider

When conducting a small move, you’ll have to consider the following:

The condition of your belongings

If you have to move fragile items, you could damage them by transporting them in your car. Hiring a removal professional to pack and transport the items could save you not only money, but also the anguish you might experience if they become damaged.


If you’re in a hurry and just want to get your move over and done with, hire a professional and they can complete the job for you in a day. Is time not so much of an issue? Then you may wish to rent a van or move the items in your car.


Do you have the time and the energy to lift and transport everything you wish to move? If not, make life easy on yourself and hire some professionals. They’ll make light work of carrying and transporting items that are awkward or heavy to carry.


How far is your destination? If it’s nearby you may prefer to just rent a van or drive everything over. However, this could waste time, whereas if you hire a man with a van you can take some pressure off yourself and just enjoy the weekend. If it’s a long-distance move, you may prefer to ship the items or hire a removal company to transport everything there.


Moving can depend, more than anything, on what you can afford. How strict is your budget? You may just prefer to use a car. Note, however, that sometimes doing a move yourself can turn out to be more expensive in terms of fuel costs.

When organising your move, be aware that even a small move can take a few weeks to organise, so give yourself at least two weeks to organise the move. If you’re going to hire professionals, hire them at least a month before you intend to move, especially if you’re going to ask them to do any packing. Removal companies can get very busy and if you leave it until the last minute to hire one, they may not be available, forcing you to look for an alternative solution.