Science meets wellness on High St Kensington at the Body Lab London, where you can train, recover and optimise your health all under one roof. The space has been designed to bring training and recovery treatments used by elite athletes to the public, and to cover all aspects of health through innovative therapies, nutrition support, 3D body scanning, and biomarker analysis. It’s called the Body Lab after all and they really don’t play around when it comes to the science.

As well as boasting a world class gym with equipment from the likes of Atlantis Strength, Watson, Eleiko and Keiser, and even a red light training room, the Body Lab is full of high-tech, specialist bits of kit. There’s a Hyperbaric Hydroxy AirPod, the first of its kind in the UK, which increases absorption of oxygen into the body and speeds up healing process; the coldest whole body cryotherapy dual chamber in Europe at -110 degrees Celsius, which is used to reduce inflammation and boost circulation; a float tank, which allows your body to de-stress and conserve energy by removing sensory stimulation; and an infrared sauna that uses light waves to penetrate deeper into the body, offering better detoxification and metabolic stimulation than a traditional sauna.

The Body Lab also has oestopaths, physios, chiropractors and massage therapists on site, you can get a range of supplements and protein shakes, and even the lighting has been designed to mimic the body’s natural circadian rhythm to fully optimise your experience.

Access to all of this doesn’t come cheap – membership packages start at £5000 per year and go all the way up to £18,000 so it’s for ballers or fitness obsessives only – but if you want one place where you can hack your health, this’ll do it.

151-153 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SU