Getting your period isn’t exactly a fun time but when it comes and you realise you’ve run out of tampons and you’re cramping and you’d really like twelve bars of chocolate, it becomes even less enjoyable. Grocery delivery service Zapp is here to make that time of the month less painful with the launch of the first dedicated ultra-fast delivery Period Store, so you can buy all the period essentials you need (or send to them to a friend) in mere minutes. Zapp is also doing away with ‘intimate care’ and ‘feminine hygiene’ labels to describe its menstrual products, instead calling them what they are in an effort to remove the stigma around periods.

The store is launching on 28th May, which is also National Menstrual Hygiene Day, and it’s stocked with everything from menstrual cups, organic tampons and pads to chocolates, pain relief and hot water bottles – and for each of the hot water bottles sold, Zapp will donate £2 to Period Poverty UK. Zapp delivers to most of London within in minutes so if you need a little lift during your period, you won’t have to wait long for it.

Launches Sat 28th May 2022