Going Under the Skin at Haus of Skin

Co-founded by two doctors, this Westminster clinic takes a medical approach to skincare 

Beauty is more than skin deep at Haus of Skin, a new wellness and aesthetics clinic tucked away on a quiet Westminster street. The team, led by co-founders Dr Hamid and Dr Hussain, take a holistic approach to skincare, building a bigger picture of your overall wellbeing to tailor treatments specific to your concerns. The clinic offers medical treatments like intolerance testing, biohacking, and intravenous infusions, alongside aesthetic ones like injectables, microneedling, PRP, chemical peels, laser hair removal and bespoke facials, including HydraFacials. 

I’m a HydraFacial fan so I was keen to see how Haus of Skin turned a familiar treatment into a bespoke service. A skin analysis, a series of photographs that highlight areas of sensitivity, sun damage, pores, spots and wrinkles in quite alarming detail – yes you can see where the wrinkles are lurking under the surface waiting to appear – allowed Dr Hamid to tailor the treatment to my specific areas of concern.

As well as the HydraFacial machine, he used a mixture of medical-grade Obagi and Alumier products, beginning with chemical exfoliation and lymphatic drainage, and then using a wand to suck out all the gunk from my pores. Following some light therapy using an LED mask, Dr Hamid went in for some additional targeted exfoliation to fully decongest the skin, alternating between hot and cold handles of the machine to aid extraction and reduce inflammation. After a generous spritz of vitamin C spray, the treatment finished with a generous application of eye cream, moisturiser and SPF.

I left the clinic feeling squeaky clean, with no redness despite the exfoliation, and plenty of recs from Dr Hamid on supplements and other products to help prolong the effects of the facial. If you’re serious about your skin and what’s going on underneath it, then Haus of Skin is well worth a visit.

22 Page Street, London, SW1P 4EN