gilly’s fry bar to open in finsbury park

What do you get when you cross a Northern fish & chip shop with a Japanese restaurant? Gilly’s Fry Bar that’s what. Coming from Neil Gill, the man behind Season Kitchen, Gilly’s Fry Bar will open in Finsbury Park with a focus not only on fish & chip shop classics but also on the art of tempura cooking. The menu will be split into five areas; Snacks, Fry, Raw, Donburi Rice and Sides, and includes everything from traditional battered cod and chips with curry sauce and donburi¬†rice with prawn tempura to breadcrumbed deep fried pork with pickles, seaweed and curry sauce. But where are the scraps at? As Northerners we are huge fans of scraps and as of yet we still haven’t managed to find a chippy in London dishing them up. Could this be a first? We hope so…

When it comes to the drinks you can expect a cocktail menu and some inventive shots, pickles & punches including the Salt & Vinegar; a shot of whisky with salt & pickle juice, and The Gibson; gin /vodka with vermouth, onion vinegar & house pickles. And if you get down to Gilly’s on Tues 19th and Weds 20th September, you can score 50% OFF food!

Opening Thurs 21st September 2017
4A Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP