Getting Saucy With Our Fave Condiments

Keep those cupboards well stocked

We’ve always been compulsive collectors of condiments and thanks to lockdown(s), where chefs and suppliers had the need to keep their businesses going and the time to expand their brands, a whole new wave of sauces hit the market. Those days may (thankfully) be behind us but the killer condiments remain and we still can’t get enough. If, like us, you’re a bulk buyer of hot sauces, love slathering jam on your toast or pesto on your pasta then here’s some of our favourite sauces to stock up on…

Nojo | Tahini Dressing

We never seem to get round to mixing up our own salad dressings, mainly because we keep reaching for this tahini one from Nojo. Creamy and nutty, it adds a richness to everything from noodles to veggies.


The Orange Buffalo | Hot Sauce

These sauces from London’s original buffalo wing specialists will spice up your cooking. K-TOWN is a great Korean inspired all-rounder, whilst the WOOF WOOF is sure to get your lips tingling and nose dripping.


Tonkotsu | Chilli Oil

This amazing ‘Eat The Bits’ Chilli Oil has been around for ages but that doesn’t make it any less spesh. Buy in bulk and add to EVERYTHING.


Catalyst | Koffiracha

Level up your eggs and avo with this sriracha, which is made with fresh chillies and different blends of Catalyst coffee, so you get those fruity roasted vibes.


Laphet | Tamarind Sauce

Burmese restaurant Laphet recently has a deli stocked with Asian condiments. This Tamarind Sauce is our fave – we’ve been smothering it on our fried rice to bring it to life.


Mei Mei | Sambal Chilli Paste

This Sambal Chilli paste from Mei Mei in Borough Market is super versatile and adds a KICK to most dishes. We love adding it to our fish recipes alongside some fresh fresh tomatoes for a simple supper.


Eaten Alive | Smoked Sriracha

This Smoked Sriracha is from fermented foods brand Eaten Alive, is complex and tangy, with just a lick of chilli heat. Use on your bacon sarnie and you’ll never need ketchup again.


Kold Sauce | Fermented Hot Sauce

A naturally fermented hot sauce made in London, Kold has a sweet flavour to it and a subtle kick. A great hot sauce for those who want a medium heat. Goes well on BBQ’d meats.