They say a smile is worth a thousand words, so it’s something worth looking after. There are a few things we like indulge in from time to time – coffee, red wine, curry, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and fruit juices – but they have a negative effect on your smile shining bright like a diamond. Depending on how heavy you have these embedded into your life, along with your general dental hygiene routine, you could find yourself with a bit of a dull smile, off white, or even worse…yellow. And no one wants that.

So what can you do to combat it? Well sure, you can cut out nasty teeth-staining food and drinks but let’s get realistic, could you do it? Imagine a morning without coffee. Imagine smelling freshly brewed coffee and then saying no. Go on. See. Didn’t think so. You might even consider trotting down to Boots and buying whitening strips, toothpaste and gels but most dentists don’t recommend using those, they don’t even tell you to bother with mouthwash anymore because it doesn’t clean your teeth. Then there are the DIY teeth whitening ads that are just down right dangerous. Bleaching your teeth is a serious business so why not have an actual dentist carry out the process? It just makes sense. This is where White & Co come in. They are a premium dental practice based at the iconic Battersea Power Station, who are all about getting your smile on point with a whole team of experts on hand to help.

Founder Anisha Patel says: “Our aim is to deliver White & Co as an experience – we want to change peoples perception of dentistry. With the launch of Battersea Power Station, we want to deliver style, sophistication and substance from the moment a patient steps through our doors. Every step of their experience will be thoroughly thought through to provide maximum satisfaction, with no single detail overlooked.”

The process of their Enlighten Smiles whitening procedure is quite straightforward, pain-free and involves two weeks of at-home treatment as well as at least two trips to the clinic. One is for your consultation and scan of your mouth in order to make your moulds, which hold the whitening gel for you to wear overnight, and the other is for a final in-chair whitening treatment done by a dentist – this is the strong stuff that will really make your teeth stand out and takes around 40 minutes.

Enlighten Smiles whitening works by whitening your teeth from the inside. Once your gel starts taking effect it will gradually get brighter until it reaches the optimal brightest your teeth will go, within around two weeks after your final treatment. The downsides are some people may experience sensitivity, or even shooting pains, but they are only temporary and very short-lived.

The trick is to maintain the whiteness is topping up once or twice a month, using the gels just like the at-home treatment. There is no shortcut to gaining super white teeth, it’s a process and it takes a little maintenance if you want to results to be at their best. With White & Co, the whole experience was easy, not everyone likes the dentist but every one of the team is friendly and approachable. You’re well looked after and it feels nothing short of genuine.

We’ve tried the Enlighten Smiles whitening treatment and the results are amazing, so we’d recommend anyone thinking of getting their teeth whitened to get in touch with White & Co. Enlighten Smiles whitening in-chair (plus home whitening) costs start from £650.

5 Circus Rd W, Nine Elms, London SW11 8EZ