January is always rough on the old wallet, and it just seems to drag on endlessly, especially if you’ve put a ban on eating out and have a load of boring lunches and dinners line up instead. Luckily Camden Market is here to help out until payday – and beyond into February because they’re nice like that – with the Camden Market Munch Club. Once you’ve signed up, which is totally FREE to do, you can get street food dishes from across Camden Market, Buck Street Market and Hawley Wharf for just a fiver. Yes just five English pounds, a truly cheap eat. And it’s not just one £5 meal on offer, it’s UNLIMITED £5 meals on offer, so you can use the magic voucher as many times as you like for as much food as your stomach can handle.

You certainly aren’t short on options, with over 80 traders across the three markets putting on bargain dishes, like shrimp burgers at Shrimpy, Hainan chicken rice from Three Uncles, veggie ciabatta sarnies at Asador, mushroom mac & cheese from Mac Factory, tofu pho soup at Pho Kae, souvlaki boxes at PittaBun, matcha sundaes from Tsujiri and much, much more. Leave those boring meal deal lunches on the supermarket shelves, keep your tins of beans in your cupboard, and eat out in Camden on the cheap instead.

Camden Market, Buck Street Market & Camden Market Hawley Wharf

Terms & Conditions
The voucher is valid until 13th February 2022.
Accepted for specified £5 Munch Club dishes at all participating traders in Camden Market, Camden Market Hawley Wharf and Camden Market Buck Street.
Traders and dishes subject to change.
One voucher per person. Usage is unlimited between specified dates.