get two-for-one at chipotle

Chipotle likes to give you as much choice as possible when it comes to burritos and bowls, that’s why they’ve got the Eat To Your Own Beat tool, which helps you work out what’s best for your diet and it’s also why they’ve teamed up with Men’s Health to create the double-meat chicken bowl, packed with a whopping 82g of protein. Containing extra chicken, lettuce, coriander-lime brown rice and pinto beans, topped with tomato salsa and Monterey Jack cheese, it’s the ideal option whether you’re just watching what you eat or you’re after those gains. Feeling hungry? We’ve got two-for-one on ALL salads, tacos, burritos and bowls, including that pumped-up protein special. 2-4-1 burritos = lunch sorted. Just sign up below and away you go.

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Until Thurs 15th February 2018
All London locations