Pancake Day is over for another year and Lent is in full swing, meaning you’ve probably given up the chocs and the sweets. If you’re finding it tough going, we’ve got just the thing for you….Swisse Me smoothies. The ready-to-drink smoothie blends are added sugar-free, with vegan and gluten-free options, and are packed with only the good stuff, making them perfect to curb any sweet cravings.

The Boost Me Coffee smoothie, with apple, banana, yoghurt and oats, is the ideal way to boost your energy levels in the morning, whereas the Boost Me Pear, with peach, apricot, basil seeds, collagen, magnesium and 6.1g of protein per serving, is great to combat a post-workout dip or to replace an afternoon snack.

And you can try both of these Swisse Me flavours for just a PENNY – all you gotta do is use the code SWAG at the checkout. Bargain.

Terms & Conditions
Offer is for two Swisse Me smoothies for 1p, including free delivery.
One order per person.
Subject to availability, until stocks last.