Going on holiday is great but between those pesky liquids restrictions and trying to squeeze a hairdryer into an already packed suitcase, it’s not easy to keep your hair, face and nails looking tip-top. The key is to get all the beautifying done pre-holiday so you can leave your straighteners, masks, serums and make-up at home (leaving more room for you stash goodies on the return journey). And getting summer ready is a breeze with these treatments.


We all want our skin to look its best on holiday, if only to save on hauling our all products away with us. However, a facial with any sort of peel in isn’t a good idea before basking in the sun. Skin & Sanctuary’s JET SET GLOW is an express facial that resurfaces and detoxifies the skin without drying it out, so you can go from salon to plane to beach in no time. 

After a cleanse to remove any surface makeup, your skin gets a proper deep clean with the Hydrafacial machine – it’s like a little hoover that sucks out all the dirt from your pores and it’s a strangely satisfying feeling. The aesthetician then does a little bit of manual extraction before applying an Exuvience Bionic Oxygen Mask for hydration (whilst it bubbles away on your face, you also get a head or arm massage). The treatment is finished off with a layer of vitamin C serum and SPF to protect the skin and seal in that glow, so you can hit the airport looking like you’ve already been away.


Us Brits (and our hair) aren’t always accustomed to the hot weather, especially humidity and let’s face it, nobody wants a Monica from Friends moment when we are on holiday. That’s where KeraStraight saves us with its new Intense Boost Blowdry treatment. The express treatment leaves hair smoother and much more manageable in the hot weather for up to 30 days. The treatment is available at all Trevor Sorbie salons as well as multiple nationwide salons, which you can find on the salon locator on the KeraStraight website.

Once you’ve had your consultation, depending on the condition of your hair you will get either the protein or moisture boost version. All together the KeraStraight Intense Boost treatment costs £75 or just an additional £25 on top of a blowdry at the salon. Taking only an hour and a half it’s easy to fit in your diary too. So if like us you struggle to manage your hair during summer then be sure to add this to your holiday checklist.


Holiday season is well and truly here, which means we can no longer hide behind our trousers and hoodies. Instead we need to be looking our finest around the pool and on the beach, especially when your mate’s girlfriend just happens to be a buff model/actress. If, like us, you struggle to squeeze in all your salon visits between work, life and more work then LeSalon is here to ease the pain.

Make no mistake, it won’t ease the pain of waxing but it will allow you to book a therapist to come around your house and carry out as many services as you need, from waxing to pedicures, eyebrows, spray tans and even lashes. Meaning you can get a full service without any travel time and at more or less the same price you pay in a salon. Genius!

Relaxing PLEXment

If you suffer from summer frizz and you make the same mistake when travelling, thinking your hotel will have decent products and have enough conditioner (first world problems we know!) then this treatment is the one for you. Relaxing PLEXment keeps your mane super smooth for months on end, even without conditioner. That’s right NO NEED FOR CONDITIONER!

The Relaxing PLEXment is an in-salon treatment containing glyoxylic acid and dicarboxylic acid organic compounds. It fills the porous areas of hair with 18 kinds of amino acids, then reconstructs the keratin to restore a healthy structure to hair without using any harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. To break it down it gets rid of fizz, infuses moisture and makes your locks glossy for weeks on end…and it really works.

Norvell Vivid EFFECT Tan

The English weather is temperamental to say the least, so the chances of turning up on holiday with a pre-tan are fairly low. You can avoid looking like you just came outta hibernation though by applying a coat of Norvell Vivid EFFECT a day before your hols. The salon-quality micro tanning mist is a unique mix of purple and brown tone bronzers, meaning you don’t get that unwanted orange tinge. Unlike most fake tans it also has no smell so you can convince your holiday romance it’s 100% natural.