What’s on your wish list this year? With the dark nights and cold temperatures, we spend more time indoors with friends, watching movies or getting stuck into a Netflix series. Investing in some digital tech makes that experience so much better – who needs a cinema when you can have the surround sound experience from the comfort of your own sofa? We’re the king of dinner party playlists and who’d have thought a speaker could be your sous chef in the kitchen too?

Sonos is one of the world’s leading brands for multi-room wireless home audio systems. Known for delivering an incredible sound experience, slick design, and simplicity of use, Sonos can pipe tunes all around your house, and even outside with its new portable speaker. Here are three of our favourite products for getting that dream Sonos set up.

Sonos One

This is the upgrade from the Sonos One original, meaning you don’t just get brilliant sound, but you have built-in voice control letting you tap into Alexa. The sound from this compact speaker, that fits conveniently into every space in our flat, is incredible. It is rich and LOUD. We’ve not got close to the maximum level it can reach because, well, we see our neighbours a lot. Get two, and you’ve got stereo sound right there.

The voice control means you’ve got Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in. Yes, we can ask Alexa how much the mass of the sun weighs in grams, but we use this daily for reminders, alarms, timers when cooking, asking to verify facts to win arguments etc. If you’ve got the tech you can even control your lights, heating and put the kettle on.

The Sonos One costs £199.

Sono Beam

Now this one is special. The Sonos Beam is basically your central hub for sound. It’s a super version of Sonos One that sits under your TV but can also be hooked up to your laptop. Tuned specifically to emphasise the sound of the human voice by Oscar-winning sound engineers, you don’t just notice the difference, you feel it. If you watch a movie on a projector then this is ideal and takes that experience to the next level. It takes minutes to set up and install and you get the same built in voice control features found in the Sonos One.

The Sonos Beam rocks in at £399

Sonos Move

It was only a matter of time until Sonos released something which made our whole music world mobile. The Sonos Move is a battery powered speaker that can stream via Bluetooth when WiFi isn’t available. Perfect for a weekend trip, hitting the park, the studio or wherever you need to play some tunes, the Move is a weatherproof and drop-resistant super speaker. Again coming with built-in voice control this is a smart speaker for indoor and the outdoors.

The Sonos Move is priced £399

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