After months of online workouts and trying to get into running around the park, we’ve been loving being back inside a gym and doing proper classes again, and we’ve really been making the most of it by trying some new workouts (as well as dressing the part). From burning barre sessions to strongman circuits, these are our fave gym classes right now.

Boyband Barre at FRAME

FRAME is all about mood-boosting classes that make you smile as well as sweat and this Boyband Barre class defo delivers on both fronts. The 45-minute workout includes classic barre exercises, including arm weights, side planks and leg work at the barre but it’s the soundtrack that takes it to another level; back-to-back boyband bangers from the likes of NSYNC, Busted, Boyzone and the Backstreet Boys. Instructor Isaac doesn’t go lightly with the routine but he hypes you up the whole way through so you do actually have fun in between all the bits that burn.

Shoreditch, King’s Cross, Angel, Farringdon, Victoria & Fitzrovia

Lift at Core Collective

After smashing the Zoom classes during lockdown, Core Collective has introduced brand new class LIFT to its porgramme now that in-studio workouts are back on. Based around kettlebells and dumbbells, it’s a strength class that focuses on form and movement through your whole body (rather than just lifting from the arms) and is designed to help tone your muscles and build your endurance. The lifts are controlled but it’s by no means a slow-paced class. Trainer Joe throws in heart raisers and burpees whilst making sure you put in the effort with those weights, so you definitely work hard, you definitely sweat and you definitely feel it the next day.

St John’s Wood & Knightsbridge

ABC at Ballet Fusion

Ballet Fusion run adult ballet classes that draw upon the foundations of ballet – think plies, leg extensions and balances – and combine them with pilates and yoga exercises for a workout that tones and strengthens your muscles and improves your posture and flexibility. The regular adult ballet classes incorporate barre work but the ABC (that’s Arms, Butt, Core) class is solely floor based, and as the name suggests, features exercises to target those three areas of the body, many of them at the same time, meaning you will get the shakes and feel the burn. The classes are small so you really get to work closely with the instructor – Daniella talks you through all the movements and offers modifications if you find something too challenging but she still pushes you to keep those holds strong.

Oxford Street

STRONG at The Foundry

The Foundry offers two main classes – SWEAT and STRONG. What they don’t tell you is that the latter is so challenging, that chances are, you’re going to end up a little hot under the collar regardless. During this 45 minute strength class, you will work in small groups through a strongman/woman inspired circuit. After a mobility based warm-up, it’s onto AMRAPS of pull-ups, farmer’s walks, prowler pushes, dumbbell cleans and log presses. And it’s tough. However, the environment is non-pretentious, the vibe is genuinely supportive and the coaches are second to none. Whether you’re looking for a strength based class to push you to your limits or you’re a beginner ready to get started, the Foundry’s got you covered. 

Vauxhall, Old Street & Bank