There’s nothing like a solid eight hours but between being glued to our phones and stressing about life, actually getting a decent night’s sleep isn’t as easy as it sounds. Being in bed at a sensible hour and staying away from the dreaded blue light are key but there’s more you can do to set up a relaxing sleep environment and establish a consistent nighttime routine. And now the clocks have gone back (yay to an extra hour in bed) there’s no better time to sort out your sleep. This lot will have you catching ZZZs in no time.

HUNA Pyjamas

If you get restless in the night, either from being the wrong temperature or feeling restricted by what you’ve got on, it’s time to get a new set of PJs. HUNA (which means ‘slumber’ in Welsh) makes ethically crafted linen pyjamas designed for all shapes and sizes. There’s the Camri set for those who get a bit hot and wriggle around a lot whereas the Pabi set will keep you cosy. And it’s all sustainable too, being handmade in Wales using eco-friendly materials.


CBD has a range of benefits, from easing anxiety to reducing inflammation to helping with insomnia, and as such comes in many forms with gummies, gels, balms and more on the market. You can even get it in your coffee or your cocktail. This HuGG oil, which comes in 350mg and 1400mg strengths and is made from top-grade hemp extract, can be used whenever you need it but a few drops before bedtime will help you drift off.

Tisserand Sleep Sanctuary

Aromatherapy brand Tisserand has created a three-step ritual for better sleep featuring jasmine, sandalwood and lavender essential oils. Start by lighting the candle a few hours before bedtime (obvs you blow it out before you go to sleep), then before you get tucked in spritz your pillow with the mist, apply the roller ball to your pulse points and wait for the ZZZs to come rolling in.

Slip Silk Eye Mask

Blocking out the light is a crucial part of getting a good night’s sleep but you don’t want anything irritating on your face to disturb you either. Pure silk eye masks, like these ones from Slip, are gentle on your skin and hair whilst still shielding you from any light, ensuring you get all the beauty sleep you need.

Casper Glow Light

Using a lamp to set a nighttime routine makes both getting to sleep and waking up much easier. This nifty light from Casper uses warm light to help you wind down, then dims down to off so you can fall asleep, and then gradually brightens to wake you up in the morning. You can adjust the light levels by giving it a simple twist and it’s portable too so you can grab it on the way to the bathroom (or wherever else you might go on a midnight wander).

Balance Me Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist

You get a two-for-one with this mist from Balance Me as it’s for your body rather than your pillow. Not only does the hyaluronic acid hydrate and plump the skin on your face and decolletage whilst you sleep, it actually helps you get to sleep thanks to the blend of relaxing CBD, valerian and lavender. Spray it on, breathe it in and nod off.

Clipper Sleep Easy Tea

Knocking back a few glasses of red wine on an evening has certainly helped us get to sleep (or knocked us out) but obviously that’s not a method that can be used every night. Think of the hangovers for a start. Sipping on this caffeine-free Clipper sleep tea, infused with chamomile, valerian root and lemon balm, is a much better option and won’t lead to you developing an alcohol problem.