What You Need For a Good Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing like a solid eight hours but between being glued to our phones and stressing about life, actually getting a decent night’s sleep isn’t as easy as it sounds

If you’ve been struggling to sleep properly, you’re not the only one. According to Google, searches for ‘I am tired’ reached an all-time high in August of 2023, and according to Future Forum, workplace burnout was on the up globally last year too, hitting a peak not reached since May 2021. Basically, we’re too stressed to get a good night’s sleep and without having that time to recharge, the cycle only gets worse – tiredness and lack of sleep can have you reaching for junk food, make you more irritable and upset, and have a negative impact on your physical health.

So how do you break the cycle and get a full night of shut-eye? Being in bed at a sensible hour and staying away from the dreaded blue light is key, but there’s more you can do to set up a relaxing sleep environment and establish a consistent nighttime routine. We spoke to some sleep experts to find out what their top tips for getting good sleep are and we’ve also rounded up a bunch of products that’ll have you catching Zzz’s in no time.

Desmond & Dempsey Pyjamas

Forget the ratty t-shirts and old shorts and make bedtime into a luxury experience with a pair of PJs from Desmond & Dempsey. Made from organic cotton, hand cut and sewn in Portugal, and featuring beaut prints, these pyjamas will have you feeling comfy and cosy in no time, and they look so good that you’ll have a hard time changing out of them.


Cannabotech Beauty Sleep Drops

CBD has a range of benefits, from easing anxiety to reducing inflammation to helping with insomnia, and as such comes in many forms with gummies, gels, balms and more on the market. You can even get it in your coffee or your cocktail. These Cannabotech drops, which contain a blend of CBD oil, a functional mushroom mix and chamomile oil, will help you relax and drift off into sleep.


Tisserand’s Sleep Better Range

Aromatherapy brand Tisserand has got an entire range of products designed for better sleep. From jasmine, sandalwood and lavender essential oils to pillow mist to aroma diffusers, you can fill your bedroom with relaxing scents and wait for the ZZZs to come rolling in.


Slip Silk Eye Mask

Blocking out the light is a crucial part of getting a good night’s sleep but you don’t want anything irritating on your face to disturb you either. Pure silk eye masks, like these ones from Slip, are gentle on your skin and hair whilst still shielding you from any light, ensuring you get all the beauty sleep you need.


Balance Me Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist

You get a two-for-one with this mist from Balance Me as it’s for your body rather than your pillow. Not only does the hyaluronic acid hydrate and plump the skin on your face and decolletage whilst you sleep, it actually helps you get to sleep thanks to the blend of relaxing CBD, valerian and lavender. Spray it on, breathe it in and nod off.


Clipper Sleep Easy Tea

Knocking back a few glasses of red wine on an evening has certainly helped us get to sleep (or knocked us out) but obviously that’s not a method that can be used every night. Think of the hangovers for a start. Sipping on this caffeine-free Clipper sleep tea, infused with chamomile, valerian root and lemon balm, is a much better option and won’t lead to you developing an alcohol problem.