get a case of beer52 beer for six quid

Fancy a case of beer for just over a fiver? That’s exactly what craft beer club Beer52 is offering for first-timers. You can get the Beer & Food box, worth £24, for just the £5.95 delivery charge when you join the subscription service. And the Beer & Food box is a good’un as it features exclusive beers created in collaboration with some of London’s hottest restaurants by taking inspo from the flavours used in their food. There’s the New England IPA with Yuzu created with Freak Scene, which has a fruity and floral notes reminiscent of Asian iced teas; the West Coast IPA made with Jinjuu, which has a bitterness to cut through those Korean spices; and the Black Forest Stout with Lily Vanilli, which uses black forest gateau ingredients like vanilla, cherries and cacao, as well as brews made in partnership with Ceviche, Bunhouse, Dum Biryani and more.

A box of craft beer for under six quid…now that’s a boozy bargain.