London is the land of immersive experiences, with everything from VR gaming to 360-degree art exhibitions on offer, but there’s one that stands out in terms of size and scale, and it’s just got even bigger. Phantom Peak, the 30,000 sq ft steampunk town that opened last year with Hallowed Peak and Wintermas seasons, is back with a brand new adventure Platypus Parade, opening in late March.

As well as exploring all the town has to offer – including canals and a lake, a street of shops and bars where you can stop for burgers and tacos, and carnival games – you’ll be able to dive into the brand new PlatyWorld experience. You’ll have to uncover the legend of the blue-ringed platypus, work out why strange symbols are popping up across the town, and figure out where Phantom Peak’s mysterious benefactor Jonas is, by roaming around the town; solving puzzle hunts; playing games like PlatyHooks, the town’s national sport; hitting up the JONACO Arcade; and questioning the townspeople for clues.

Fancy playing detective? We’ve teamed up with Phantom Peak to get you 50% OFF tickets for both the daytime and evening shows on Saturday 1st April. Find out how to get involved below.
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Terms & Conditions
The 50% off ticket offer is only valid for daytime and evening shows on Sat 1st April 2023. It’s not transferable to any other date.
There are 50 discounted tickets available.
Discount is for LOTI members only, and you must be able to prove your membership if required.


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