‘Who What When Where How & Why’ is the title of Gavin Turk’s retrospective currently on display at the Newport Street Gallery. With an exhibition title asking so many questions, it seems only natural that the show itself should continue to provoke and delve into deeper questions about identity, persona and perception. Through the six gallery spaces, Turk (not the artists’ real name but a persona) shows various creations from his last twenty-five years ranging from a faux Hello! Magazine cover, recreated Pollocks, Warhol-inspired part-art, waxworks of himself in various forms, a pimped-up skip and individual pieces of rubbish.

Bold colours, mirrored cubes, whimsical homages to other artists’ work and a challenging take on items typically thrown away, all set against the gallery’s plain white walls and angular high ceilings, makes for a strong visual impact. And better yet, it’s free. So if you find yourself south of the river and in the Vauxhall area, we’d suggest a visit before it closes in March.

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Until Sun 19th March 2017
Newport Street, London, SE11 6AJ