What’s the vibe?

David Chang’s fried chicken concept, Fuku, has a few locations across New York, but all have a fast food counter set up. They’re not places to linger, but if you’re at the Battery Park City location, we can definitely recommend grabbing your food and heading outside to eat by the Hudson River.

What to order?

You’ll see a pretty brief menu on large boards up behind the counter, but quite ludicrously, there’s an extensive ‘off menu’ selection printed on bits of paper when you get up to the counter – kinda defeats the idea of off menu specials right?! Anyway, do make sure you get a look at the off-menu-menu as this is where you’ll find the winning items. The regular chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon was a little disappointing but the aptly-named Knockout was incredible, largely due to the knockout sauce – think Big Mac sauce and you’re in the right ball park. Fries were a bit dry and boring too so really it’s all about that Knockout sando.

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