We love a good DIG, but how about a FREE DIG? With vinyl coming out their ears, Vinyl Pimp have announced they are giving away 5000 records for FREE offering 10 records to each person, who likes and share their Facebook post…as if it’s that easy?! Getting the boot are records from their bargain bin, so the real work will begin when you start digging through all those records to find the hidden gems. But with some classics up for grabs it’s probably worth your time so get on down to Vinyl Pimp and PIMP out that record collection for FREE.

ALSO, a special one for BLACK FRIDAY (27th November) if you dress in black head to toe, you are allowed to take 10 EXTRA white label vinyl home with you. To qualify, you must dress COMPLETELY IN BLACK. Not a speck of colour.

Fri 20th-Fri 27th November 2015
14 Felstead Street, London, E9 5LT