With over 1.6 million being invested into British start-ups this week, it’s the ‘dealiest week of the year’ and over 80,000 tech workers are expected to miss meals due to their hectic work schedules. Luckily meal replacement drink brand Soylent has come to the rescue by handing out up to 15,000 free meals a day to these hard workers.

The pop-up in Old Street station will be handing out over 5000 bottles of Soylent until Friday, as well as their #mealsfordeals service which allows workers withing half a mile radius of Old Street to tweet @soylentuk with the hashtag to book in their desk delivery. Not only can you bag yourself a free meal you will also get 50% off voucher to use on their products at Amazon, so don’t miss it!

Check out which other pop-us are popping up right here.

Until Fri 5th April 2019
Old Street Station, London EC1Y 1BE