Feeling the January pinch and we don’t just mean that extra belly roll. If you’re el skinto then why not bag yourself a free dinner for you and THREE mates. Capcom, the makers of Street Fighter are setting up a Monster Hunter Meat Shack in London Bridge with free tickets to one and all AKA those who bag them first. The next round of tickets go live Friday 12th January at 12pm on Eventbrite and include a massive meat platter served from a giant BBQ spit, a drink each and a test drive of the new Monster Hunter video game with consoles on every table. So if you fancy a free feed, gamer or not, head on down – even if you don’t bag a ticket there will be space for walk-ins. Your bank balance can thank you later.

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Thursday 25th and Friday 26th January 2018, 12pm – 9pm
Sat 27th and Sun 28th January 2018, 12pm – 10:15pm
Flat Iron Square, 68 Union St, London SE1 1TD