Treats Club is opening its first permanent shop in Hackney’s Netil Market and it’s gonna be the first design-your-own-donut bar in London. All the hot donuts are cooked to order and you’ll be able to customise yours with a range of glazes and toppings, including Treats Club’s own marshmallow fluff. The menu will also include hot donuts sundaes, ice cream bars, milkshakes and more, with lots of vegan options, so this is defo the place if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

To celebrate the opening, Treats Club will be giving away FREE hot donuts on launch day from midday. Once they’re gone, they’re gone so if you go nuts for donuts, get down there early.

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Opens Sat 25th July 2020, 12pm
Netil Market, 12-23 Westgate St, London, E8 3RL