free haircuts at london school of barbering

You’ve probably walked passed London School of Barbering 100s of times, but even if you did notice the academies in Farringdon or Covent Garden we bet you didn’t know they giveaway 1000s of FREE haircuts and shaves away every week. Yes, you can get your haircut without spending a penny. Blending traditional barbering and modern hairdressing techniques, they deliver high quality and fashionable haircuts for the everyday man.

It will be a trainee or a fully qualified barber on a course cutting your hair, but as one of the world’s leading institutions recognised for high standards in men’s barbering and well respected in the industry, we wouldn’t mind putting our locks in their hands. If TOPMAN, Balr, Dancys, Cameron Charles, Hook LDN and Dashing Tweeds are willing to put their trust in them we’re sure you can and you never know you could be getting your hair done by the next big thing. Oh and in case you forgot it’s entirely FREE.

[URIS id=92781] [maxbutton id=”14″ url=”” text=”BOOK APPOINTMENT” ] 6 West Smithfield, London EC1A 9JX
186 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5QD