The #GiveItAGrow initiative, launched by environmental charity Hubbub and the Mayor of London, is giving out 10,000 FREE planting kits to help Londoners make their homes greener. The campaign aims to create a culture of growing in the city, inspiring residents to make the most of their gardens, balconies and windowsills to attract wildlife like butterflies and pollinating bees.

The kits, which are designed to work in any space – so no excuses if you haven’t got a garden – include crocus bulbs, native wildflower seeds, parsley and basil seeds, compressed organic coir brick growing matter and simple growing tips printed on recycled coffee cup paper. They’re totally free and available to pick up from selected Starbucks, B&Q stores and IKEA Greenwich on a first come, first served basis – find your nearest pick up here.

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Sat 14th September 2019
Various locations