free fitness and pets-ercise classes

We always say we’re gonna do it but actually going to the gym doesn’t happen half as much as it should, especially as it’s not exactly a nice place to hang out. Argos is here to change all that with their pop-up House of Fitness, which not only features FREE classes led by Carly Rowena and PT James Stirling, but it’s got soft lighting, no mirrors and productivity-boosting scents like jasmine and peppermint filling the room. That means no sweaty smells, no harsh lights and no catching a glimpse of yourself looking all red and out of breath in the mirror.

They’re even letting your pets get in on the action too with spesh pets-ercising sessions, so you can bring your pooch along for motivational support. ‘Petsercise’ has emerged as a workout trend from fitness influencers on Instagram where people exercising in the presence of their pets is more encouraging and far less stressful than working-out with fellow humans. In fact, 51% of a recent study showed that pets offer people much-needed motivation AND 46% rely on their furry friends for moral support. How about that. The classes will be a mix of HIIT and strength workouts, and they’re all totally free so all you gotta do is book a spot and remember your gym gear!

[maxbutton id=”153″] Fri 23rd March 2018, 12pm – 4pm
Sat 24th March 2018, 9am – 3pm
62–64 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4AR