With their time at the Compton Arms coming to an end, Islington’s favourite pub kitchen dwellers Four Legs have their eyes set on a Finsbury Park pub of their very own, restoring what was The Auld Triangle back into The Plimsoll. The independent pub is something of a unicorn these days so in order to preserve that “local boozer” magic, Four Legs fathers Jamie Allan and Ed McIlroy will be relying on money raised from their Kickstarter to repair the cellar and kit out the kitchen. That means no sleazy investors sniffing around, itching to rip out original flooring or seating the first chance they get or plotting a glossy takeover by a corporate brewery. This will be a proper pub, where staff are paid the London living wage, with beers that the regulars want on tap and of course the famous Four Legs cheeseburger will return.

For those of you who have been living under a planet-sized boulder, Four Legs is what happens when fine dining meets pub grub. The pair have mastered the art of ‘dirty posh,’ the high quality ingredients you would expect from fine dining, without the side dish of pretentiousness, no-nonsense food slapped on charity shop china. Their menu evolves and rotates seasonally (with the exception of their beloved cheeseburger) but recent highlights have been lamb and peas, aguachile, and fried chicken – each with a uniquely Four Legs touch.

In order to make The Plimsoll a reality, the pair will have to raise £75,000 to build a kitchen capable of “curing meats, making cheeses, brewing booze” and all the other mysterious bubblings and carbonations that go off in their kitchen and indeed their minds, and you can donate here.

Opens September 2021
52 St Thomas’s Road, London, N4 2QW