Ex-Fat Duck head chef Jonny Lake and ex-Fat Duck sommelier Isa Bal are working together once again, teaming up to open a new restaurant caled Trivet in London Bridge. And they’ve drafted in two more of their old Fat Duck colleagues – Michele Stanco, former sous chef, will be head chef, and former assistant manager Melissa Fergus will be the restaurant manager.

The restaurant, wine bar and cellar, on the site where the very short-lived Londrino used to be, will be informal but make use of the finest produce and wines – they do come from a 3-star restaurant after all. The pair have been inspired by their travels around the world and that the restaurant will have ‘Nordic functionality with the warmth of the Meditteranean’. Menu-wise that means dishes like red mullet with pici pasta and artichokes; chicken with a vinegar sauce, mashed potato and glazed turnips; and a very interesting sounding baked potato millefeuille with sake and white chocolate mousse and sake gelato.

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Opens Tues 29th October 2019
36 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SU