The fight on food waste is becoming the next big trend in restaurant marketing and as far as we’re concerned that’s only a good thing. In case you hadn’t heard, if food waste were a country it would be the third largest contributor to greenhouse gasses – yup the gasses which are destroying our planet – so the more people who try to tackle and highlight it the better!

The latest campaign involves a street food market at the V&A where some of London’s best chefs including Angela Hartnett, Thomasina Miers, Skye Gyngell and more will be serving up street food using the UK’s most wasted ingredients and ingredients that would have otherwise ended up in the bin. The market kicks off the Step Up To The Plate summit on ending food waste and comes a week after a group of restaurants in St James’s & Regent Street pledged to cut food waste by 25%. Hopefully soon zero waste restaurants like Silo will be the norm.

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Mon 13th May 2019
Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL