The Flat Iron team has just opened a new site in Marylebone complete with heated outdoor terrace, making it Tier 2 friendly. Naturally, the signature flat iron steak will be at the heart of the menu alongside faves like beef dripping chips, creamed spinach and roasted cauliflower. There’ll be some newbies too: a ribeye steak; a wagyu beef burger with two patties of grass-fed beef topped with cheese, pickles, onions & truffle mayo; and crispy bone marrow garlic mash. We’ll take all three please.

And Flat Iron is celebrating the new restaurant with a mini cleaver hunt. A bunch of the little cleavers have been hidden in hotels and corner shops around Marylebone and if you find one, you can take it into the restaurant and bag steak for two. Winning.

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Until Thurs 31st December 2020
42 – 44 James Street, London, W1U 1EU