FitOn has been smashing the on-demand workouts way before lockdown ever happened, meaning they already knew what worked and what didn’t when we were all told to stop going to gyms and work out at home. FitOn was created by Lindasy Cook, a former Fitbit exec in the States who’s simply revolutionised digital fitness. The app is designed to fit in workouts around your timetable, so you can do as little as 10 minutes and up to 55 minutes, making it the perfect tool for lockdown. Lindsay and her team of PTs are also responsible for getting celebs like Jessica Alba into shape, so if it’s good enough for her….

One of the strongest aspects of FitOn is the videos. You work out along to them rather than watching a quick demo and being left to get on with it. The instructors push you with encouragement and even though they’re pre-recorded, it still works.

The amount of disciplines on offer is amazing too. From HIIT and cardio for hardcore fitness fanatics, there’s everything from yoga to kickboxing to meditation to dance. The classes are all led by people smashing it in their respective fields so once you’ve explored enough to find an instructor you like, you can get in deep.

Another key plus point is that you build your schedule and use your ‘end goal’ as the driver, so you’re not working out for just working out’s sake. Whether you want to build muscle, tone up or lose weight, that’s a key factor in what programme will be assigned to you, along with how many times per week you want to workout.

Whilst we’re most definitely fans and have benefitted from the short articles on advice around recovery, superfoods and sleep, there are some little niggles. The main one is that the app is skewed more towards women than men so sometimes you’ll get references that don’t translate, like sculpting your body around your sports bra. But honestly FitOn is like the Netflix of workouts, just pick what you fancy and hit play.