Looking for a room to rent isn’t easy at the best of times, and especially not in a city as big (and as popular) as London. You have to scramble around messaging people on a load of different platforms before trekking across town for an awkward flatmate interview. Thankfully there is a better way. Badi is here to make room renting and city living a whole lot easier.

Designed to help both landlords and tenants, the room renting platform uses a smart matching system powered by artificial intelligence to match profiles more effectively, so you can get connected to the right rooms or the right roommates quickly. You can keep track of all your room enquiries, booking requests and convos using the badi inbox, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any invites. And you can book your room from anywhere in the world – room searching doesn’t stop just because you go on holiday!

Obviously, trust is key when it comes to renting and letting a room – you want to be sure that the space you’re seeing is what you’re getting and that the person you’re messaging is who they say are. You can only let rooms on badi if you’re verified, and you can verify your profile using your social media accounts and contact info. The badi team also holds onto the booking fee for 48 hours after the move-in date to give tenants time to make sure the room they’ve rented is the one that was advertised before the landlords receive the money.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s from a user’s mouth…

My name is Filip, I am a Self-employed Deliveroo bicycle courier and I found my room near Stratford on badi. I found that the badi app was very user friendly. So much so, that it almost made it a fun experience to flat search through this app. Having an app that you can access on the go is also part of what makes badi stand out from the other options available. I needed to find flats that accepted pets, because I have a cat. Filtering through the app made it quite simple for me to narrow down to flats that accepted pets. I was moving from outside of London to London, so I was a bit stressed out about giving somebody so much money. Doing it through the badi app made me feel quite secure and certain that nobody would scam me. Although I have only been living there for 3 months, I have a good relationship with my flatmates, and it’s definitely a positive experience.

Looking for a new flat or flatmates, badi is your new best friend.