Think of the 70’s and flares, afros, disco, hippies and psychedelia might spring to mind… not perhaps a continuation of the suffragette movement and a decade of protest for womens’ rights, emancipation and gender equality. This is exactly what the new ‘Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970’s’ exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in Soho brings to light via over two hundred works by forty-eight different female artists. Spread over two floors and comprising photographs, collage and film it offers a comprehensive overview of the birth of the feminist art movement.

Highlights include Penny Slinger’s humorous series of images of a bride dressed in her own wedding cake with a flower provocatively placed over her genitals, Mary Beth Ellen’s recreation of the Last Supper featuring all female American artists, and Kristen Justesen’s powerful sculpture of a naked woman in a cardboard box questioning the objectification and entrapment of women.

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The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970’s exhibition is running until the 15th January 2017.

The Photographers Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW