In case you haven’t heard, it’s Women’s History Month and we’ve rounded up some of our fave fashion brands founded by females. This little lot are not only born and raised in London but they’re also championing women, fighting for diversity in the industry and making some very stylish garments whilst they’re at it…

Charlotte Simone by Charlotte Beecham

Straight from university Charlotte Beecham founded Charlotte Simone, a brand that combines small-scale production with playful designs and happy shades. Her collections are super limited (we’re talking available for one week only kind of limited), focusing on fur, knits and woven fabrics. She’s even been worn by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner, so you’ll wanna stay up-to-date with her latest drops…


Meadows by Louise Markey

Designed in East Hackney by Central Saint Martin’s grad Louise Markey, Meadows is all about encouraging slow, sustainable fashion. This brand is committed to making clothes in a safe and ethical environment, dipping into all sorts of historical inspiration including 1970s floral vibes and Victorian undies (yeah, seriously). With a modern and feminine touch, these are the kinda clothes you’ll want to be parading around town in.


Elliss by Elliss Solomon

This London-based label, founded by Elliss Solomon, uses only natural fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. It’s a brand born with a desire to create conscious design methods and minimal waste (refreshing, ‘eh?). Her collections are an original take on sustainable fashion featuring stretch dresses, striking prints and dreamy tees.


Sunday London by Fallanne

Unhappy with the lack of strong fashion forward prints and designs available, Fallanne created her own. Sunday London is a reversible swimwear brand made for fun, confident and cool women. It’s also a brand that embraces cultural diversity and the individuality of every woman’s body shape (hallelujah!).


Lara Intimates by Cindy and Faith

Cindy Liberman and Faith Leeves are the founders of Lara Intimates, a lingerie brand that’s dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials and celebrating the female body. These sustainable undies are made from responsibly sourced deadstock fabric in an all-female factory in London. They also offer one of the world’s widest range of sustainable bra sizes, from 26A-36GG…ladies, we’re sorted.


Cawley by Hannah Cawley

Founded by Hannah Cawley, Cawley creates everyday clothes individually hand cut and made in London. Each year, Cawley creates two collections using all natural materials, mostly cotton and linens but with the addition of wool and sheepskin for the chillier seasons too. We’re big fans of the striped linen dress with gathered sleeves, mainly because it has pockets, but also because it’s perfect for a summer staycay.


Nanushka by Sandra Sandor

Nanushka is one of the brands at the forefront of sustainable fashion and its founder, London College of Fashion student, Sandra Sandor is all about cherishing the planet. She delivers a day to night wardrobe that combines functionality with a little flair too. And the Hide puffer jacket made from Nanushka’s signature vegan leather is one of our faves from the collection – it’s going straight in our basket.


Ninety Percent by Shafiq and Para

This London-based sustainable womenswear label shares 90% of their profits to charitable causes – get it? Their clothes are built to last, featuring organic cotton sweats, detail-driven jersey staples and beautifully crafted knits from organic merino. And after making your purchase, use the unique code found in your garment’s label to vote for your chosen charitable cause.