maggotYou have to love Miss Cakehead, even though those rotten fanny cakes were so popular she still manages to keep things fresh. This time it’s her Halloween pop-up Feed The Beast, Eat Your Heart Out that has caught our eyes…

The event features interactive maggot extraction cupcakes & rum filled macabre liqueur chocolate hands – don’t worry, whilst it may look like a real maggot, it won’t taste like one. Oh and the best news? The vagina dentata cakes are BACK.

The pop up cake shop follows The Kraken Rum Edible Autopsy event held nine miles off the coast of Kent. In additional to a pop up rum bar on board the forts, invited guests will witness an autopsy on the corpse of a Kraken, feast on its flesh and drink fluid drained from the dead beast. What remains of the corpse will then be displayed at the Feed The Beast pop up cake shop along with images and video taken of the process. Sounds…erm…frightening!

Fri 25th Oct – Mon 28th Oct

The Rag Factory in Brick Lane
16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ