fedoroff’s roast pork

What’s the vibe?

If Fedoroff’s was a bar, you’d probably call it a spit and sawdust joint. This no frills spot in Williamsburg mostly caters for takeaway, although you can sit up at the counter stools that run along each side of the room. At the back is the counter where you order your sandwich of dreams and if you’re a fan of Action Bronson’s F*ck That’s Delicious show, you’ll almost certainly recognise this place.


What to order?

Fedoroff’s specialises in big dirty, filthy Philly-style sandwiches; they are the stuff that dreams are made of, and if you eat too many they’re probably what you arteries would be made of too. If you’re hungover, we doubt there’s many better things in the world to eat that their Philly cheesesteak – that’s 10z of steak sliced in house served with cheese wiz and onions. DROOL. Also incredible is the roast pork sandwich made from 14 hour roast pork, provolone, broccoli rabe and gravy.

Check out the Bronson fries too, loaded with steak, cheese, hot peppers, and onions. You’re here now, you might as well go all out. Oh and they also do egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast, and a Sundays-only meatball gravy sandwich – we couldn’t love this place any more.

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