If you’re struggling to sleep during lockdown, whether you’ve got coronavirus-related anxiety or WFH has thrown your normal routine out of the window, there’s a new podcast that’s here to help you nod off. Ts&Zzz, created by Scott Elchison, consists of people reading out terms of service agreements – you know the ones we all agree to without ever having read – from the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Google and YouTube, because they are both “publicly facing and super boring”.

The hope is that the dense legal jargon will put you to sleep in no time but you may end up learning something about personal data and privacy policies as you drift off. Elchison is even working on summarising the key points from each agreement to be posted alongside each episode of Ts&Zzz should you be that curious.

Listen to Ts&Zzz wherever you get your podcasts from and when you’re done with that, check out these other podcasts too.