face the new year with new skin

If you’re in need of a big old detox (join the club), it’s easy to start with your skin, especially because it doesn’t involve putting on gym gear or filling the fridge with kale. These are our fave face masks and will have you looking fresh in no time. Eye cucumbers optional.

the purifying pink clay mask | London The Inside

Brilliant Skin | Sand & Sky

You’ll have probs seen this pink mask all over insta and with good reason…it properly brightens up your face. And it’s fun to paint on.

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face mask institut esthederm

Lightening Buffing Mask | Institut Esthederm

This double whammy scrub and mask combo really evens out your skin’s tone and texture.

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beauty kitchen face mask

Seahorse Plankton 5 Minute Miracle Mask | Beauty Kitchen

It’s packed with clay, microalgae and plant extracts (so it’s 100% natural) and it really does work in five minutes.

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origins face mask

Clear Improvement | Origins

All the Origins face masks are fab but this one with active charcoal (to pull out all that pore-clogging crap) is our winner.

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skin republic youthfoil mask

Youthfoil | Skin Republic

Whack this sheet mask on and look weird for 20 minutes to get unbelievably soft skin.

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