F45 Training is known the world over for its signature 45-minute, circuit-based high-intensity workouts and hardcore fitness challenges, and now the brand is diving into the world of yoga, pilates and conditioning training with new concept FS8. It’s still a circuit-based group class but it combines elements of pilates, tone and yoga into one low-impact 50-minute workout – the F stands for Functional, the S is for Style (the remix of pilates, tone and yoga), and the 8 represents the eight key elements of FS8.

Run in a dedicated studio just off Oxford Street, the first FS8 location in the UK, the set-up will be familiar to anyone who’s done a regular F45 class before. There are three sections to each circuit – mats for pilates and yoga, a weights section for tone, and reformer machines for pilates – with the exercises for each station displayed on screens, and you make your way around the circuit in each class.

There are over 3000 exercises that make up FS8 so you can be sure of variety every time you workout, but you can always expect elements of yoga warm-ups and cool-downs, reformer work, mat work, and conditioning using dumbbells and activation bands.

A relaxing zen yoga class this is not but if you like your low-impact training to still be a little fast and furious, then FS8 is the workout for you.

23-35 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7PA